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About Doctor
Puramo W. CHONG


  • BA, Oriental Medicine, Kyunghee University, SEOUL, Korea
  • MA, Oriental Medicine, Kyunghee University, SEOUL, Korea
  • PhD, Oriental Medicine, Kyunghee University, SEOUL, Korea

Medical Credentials and Affiliations

  • Director, Korea Oriental Medical Society
  • Vice president, Korea Meridian Diagnosis Society
  • Chief, Puramo's Korean Medicine Institute
  • President, International Naturopathy Association
  • Visiting Professor of Kings Park University, Virginia
  • Professor of National University of Health and Science
  • Chief Doctor, Yedam Well-Being Center

Lecture / Teaching

  • Special Lecture, South Baylor, Dongguk Royal Univ. OM Dept. LA. USA
  • Special Lecture, Kings Park Univ. Virginia, USA
  • Lectured in UEA-Congress and Seminar, Zagreb (89), Sofia (90), Prague (94),
    Shanghai (96), Adelaide (97), Krefeld (2002),
  • Taught Constitution Medicine to Oriental Medicine Doctors in Seoul
  • Lectured, invited by Christian Doctor's Society
  • Lectured, invited by International Summer University in Beijing (2004

Broadcasting and Published Articles

  • Health Columm Series, Kookmin Newspaper
  • Articles about Health, Newspaper, Magazine
  • Presented on the book "Secret Remedy of 108 Famous Doctors"
  • Presented on the book "50 Most Distinguished Oriental Medicine Doctors in Korea"
  • "Health for a Million People", KBS TV
  • "I Want To Know It", SBS TV
  • "Family Clinic", MBC TV
  • "How to take care of pregnant women", Hanvit TV
  • "Ask about your health", KBS Radio

Thesis and Published Books

  • Book: Constitutional Medicine and Saam Acupuncture
  • Book: Travel to Oriental Europe
  • Book: Oriental Medicine's Guide to Beauty to the Bone
  • Dissertation: Study on Effects on Saenganonbitang to Mouse Liver damaged by TAA
  • Dissertation: Report about Results of O-ring Test for Constitution Discrimination
  • Dissertation: Study on Effects of Saengangonbitang to Arteriorsclerosis of Experimental Mouse
  • Dissertation: Study on Constitutional Pulse Diagnosis
  • Thesis: Fallacy in Kwon Dowon's Theory of Eight Constitutions (TEC)
  • Thesis: Obesity seen as Constitutional Viewpoint