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James A. Verden Arlington Heights

Dear Dr. Chong

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your very concerned and professional treatment during the past 5 weeks. The results obtained from your Korean acupuncture and herbal medicine have turned out better than I expected for such a difficult to cure case of Psoriasis such as mine.

As a senior I am generally in good health, completely avoid all drugs, and rarely seek medical help. During my entire life I have not had a "family doctor". During the past 10 years I have thoroughly researched diseases and their treatments and am convinced that no M.D. or allopathic physician could possibly obtain the results you have, and of course completely without side-effects.

The photos you took at the beginning and at this point should show a pronounced improvement, but this is only part of the story. The severe itching that kept me up for many nights due to the lesions that had sprung up over most of my body, especially the arms and legs, is now completely gone. The redness and inflamation on my lower right leg has also disappeared.

Constant weeping of lymphatic fluid from the wound on my right leg stopped after about the third week and it is starting to heal. I should mention that this afflicted area is not the result of the Psoriasis alone, but rather a weakness in this area caused by a chronic leg ulcer that has flared up periodicly over the past 40 years. This may not clear up completely, but it is not serious and so far the results do look encouraging.

I might also mention that the severe scaling and itching on both elbows and the painful cracking at my finger joints is also gone. Most of the above problems can not be seen in photographs.

This country need more dedicated doctors such as you that can provide cures rather than just treatment (drugs). I would highly recommend your services to anyone truly seeking a drug-free cure for many ailments, even those that Modern Medicine claims no known clinical cure for.

Thank you again for your professionalism. Sincerely,
James A. Verden

Arlington Heights,