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“Great Acupunture Clinic”

by abevigoda123

I am a physician in the suburbs of Chicago. I suffered from tennis elbow for 18 months. I had 2 steriod injections and lots of physical therapy. Nothing worked. I decided to try acupunture as a last resort, as some of my friends had done it for various problems. The treatment was not painful and I saw results immeidately. Within several months my tennis elbow did not bother me at all. I also had some intermittent arm numbness which is completely gone. I was very impressed with Dr. Chong and the Yedam Clinic.

“Pinched nerve, frozen shoulder, lack of energy”

by Melkret

Yes, I have had all the above and like everyone, I usually felt a bit skeptical of acupuncture but I have overcome those doubts time and time again. I started coming to Yedam in the beginning for a very bad pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder. Dr. Chong told me that I should feel some relief by the time I left and I should be able to move my head. I was chuckled because I was in so much pain and didn't believe him. Well within 20 minutes after my treatment...I was 70% better and the next day the pain was gone. I receive a jolt of energy along with the treatment which was great. I usually have been on low energy and it seems to kick me up a notch. I recently went to him for a frozen shoulder and again...I was in major pain and felt as though my head was going to explode from it traveling up into my neck and head. I was so relieved about an hour 1/2 after the treatment. Going from not being able to function to feeling that relief was huge.

I have become a firm believer and plan to head to my acupunturist when I don't feel real great or have some issues with my body. I believe there is a lot that goes on with us when we are not in proper balance and Dr. Chong can help you get back to that balance. I thank him over and over and refer to him as MAGIC...

“Best Acupuncture anywhere”

by sunhan226

I have been having headaches for a few years; in the last few months I have had them every day. My visit at the doctor's office and taking presciption / pharmaceutical medicines did not bring any results. I decided then to go to the Yedam Herbs & Acupuncture. Dr. Puramo Chong acupuncture and taking by mouth natural herbs helped me already after few days. My headaches were gone, and I could normally function during the day.

“Weight loss success”

by Jesse60102

I have been obese for over 10 years and have been desperate to lose it. I have done everything possible to lose it. I have switched to eating organic foods, hired a personal trainer, went to medical specialists, and hypnosis. I have done it all and my weight loss results were disappointing. I was at my last straw when i found the Yedam clinic and they delivered what they promised. I lost 25 pounds in the first 30 days and I am still losing weight. My starting weight was 241 pounds and currently I weigh 208 pounds. I look 10 years younger and feel great and all my friends, family, and co-workers are wondering how I lost so much weight in so little time. I owe a lot to the Yedam clinic for changing my life. Thank you!

“Best Acupuncture Treatment”

by JL25

After suffering from sinus infection for three years and migraines for fifteen years, and not getting any help from my family physician besides over-the-counter-pills, I decided to turn to an alternative medicine for help. After taking the medicine and attending acupuncture sessions twice a week, I felt considerable relief, especially from my sinus problems. The headaches that I have experienced almost daily went away and the pressure around the eyes that I have constantly felt, also dissipated. In addition, I feel as though I have an increase in the energy level, but most importantly I stopped taking over-the-counter medications, which are detrimental to ones's liver and kidneys. I believe that I have definitely received a very personalized and individualized treatment, which focused specifically on my problems. For example, the Doctor carefully gathered my history before beginning any kind of treatment and ensured to check in on my condition consistently throughout the treatment process. I couldn't be more grateful for getting the relief that I was searching for years and I highly recommend Yedam Acupuncture as I believe it will most certainly improve your health. Lastly, I want to mention that believing that something will work plays a huge role in the process. Being of an European descent, we often tend to worship traditional medicine and disregard other methods of treatment. However, when we reach the point when traditional medicine is not being effective, it definitely helps to look outside the box, and in my case, find something really great. A cure for my suffering.


by David777

Here it goes... I have never believed or even thought something like this would work. I popped my back recently and I've done everything, but I had so much pain constantly. Then I read the "Top 50 exotic doctors in the world" and found Dr. Chong to be only a few miles away from me. I went there, with of course big skepticism, then there was an assistant who guided me to my room and in comes the infamous Dr. Chong. He first asks me specifically what bothers me and then he takes my wrist and starts to listen to my pulse. Incredibly, after he did that he knew things about me, kind of scary, but then he started the needle therapy, and at first I thought it would hurt, but it was no more then a quick pinch and sometimes you didn't even feel it. Weird thing was I had a bad lower back where the pain shot down my left butt to my left leg, but he was applying needle therapy in my right knee and foot and hand, then after a while he told me start walking. OMG!!!...what a Miracle....that instant I felt 70-80% better....Unbelievable?...BELIEVE IT!!! Then he told me to come once more if the pain is still there the next morning and of course no pain the next morning... Everyone needs to try this!!!... there's a reason why athletes all do it... and it is SO CHEAP!!! YEDAM IS THE BEST...THANK YOU YEDAM!!!